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Warzone players furious after Raven Software remove core battle royale playlists

Published: 27/Aug/2021 7:43

by Brad Norton


Warzone players won’t be able to enjoy the standard battle royale experience for the next week as Raven Software has surprisingly removed all core playlists from the game.

Like most battle royale titles, Warzone can be experienced in a variety of ways. Solo players are able to drop in by themselves, two players can form a Duo, and so on. Furthermore, limited-time playlists occasionally tweak some gameplay features to add a little variety.

Yet when these alternate modes are added to the mix, Warzone has always kept the standard modes intact. At least, that was the case until the most recent playlist update on August 26: the core BR Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads playlists have all been pulled from the popular CoD battle royale.


In their place, Buy Backs is now the only similar option available.

This rotation was outlined earlier in the Season 5 patch notes, with August 26 to September 1 featuring Buy Backs in the weekly cycle. However, most assumed the core options would still be playable during this stretch, as has been the case with every previous Warzone update.

For the latest playlist patch, however, that simply isn’t the case, and Warzone players have been left fuming over the standard battle royale experience being removed.

“Ah, yes, that time of month where the standard BR game that made them billions of dollars is no longer a playlist option,” Reddit user ‘MatzoTov’ said.


Others questioned: “Where the hell is the standard BR?” 

Where the hell is the Standard BR? from CODWarzone

As the only available option for the week, Buy Backs is a far more hectic mode. If players die with enough cash in their pockets, they can buy their way back to life, as the name implies. This negates the typical Gulag system and drastically impacts the pace of Warzone as a whole.

“Some of us just like to have a few casual games after work. Buy Back ain’t it,” players complained on Twitter. “Hopefully they put it back, this is bulls**t.”

Warzone gameplay
Buy Backs is the only battle royale option available in Warzone for the next week.

While some players prefer the rapid Buy Back experience, many have been left wanting the original playlists to return. At the very least, keeping both options available would appease all crowds. Regardless of your opinion, however, Buy Back is the only battle royale option available for the next week in Warzone.


As Dexerto understands, Raven Software will be returning Core Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads to Warzone playlists as part of a September 2 update.