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Warzone February 12 update fixes broken hitmarkers & MW weapon XP: Patch notes

Published: 12/Feb/2021 17:03

by Tanner Pierce


Raven Software have released a brand-new hotfix update for Warzone and it fixes one of the more notable bugs that’s been occurring with players in the game as of late: inconsistent hit markers. 

For a game that’s so popular with the gaming community, fans still complain of numerous Warzone issues. Seemingly with every update, either a new bug pops up in-game or an old bug rears its ugly head once again, much to the anger of players.

Like clockwork, after the last update on February 4, many players noticed a few new bugs affecting the game, including one that was pretty detrimental to the gameplay experience. Now, Raven have released a new hotfix update and it seems to have addressed some of them.


It is worth pointing out that this is not a normal patch and is just a game settings update, so you won’t have to download a large patch file in order to get these bug fixes. Just open the game and enjoy.

Broken Hitmarkers fixed

The biggest change addressed in this new update are the inconsistent hit markers.

Easily one of the most-reported bugs after last week’s updates were the inconsistent and broken hitmarkers. Essentially, some players were reporting that hitmarkers simply weren’t showing up at times, which can obviously lead to some frustrating experiences, especially if you’re unsure if you’re actually shooting your target.

After letting the community know that they were looking into the issue last week, Raven have now confirmed that the fix is here with the brand-new update.


Issues with Weapon XP and Loadout UI

Raven have also confirmed two other issues that have been fixed with this hotfix: The first is a bug that was causing weapon XP to not be awarded as intended, which was surely causing some problems for those still playing that aspect of the game.

For clarity’s sake, it’s worth pointing out that this is not for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, so if you still have weapon XP problems with that game, unfortunately, they’ll remain after this update.

Beyond that, some UI issues with the loadout menu have also fixed, although it’s unclear exactly what these issues were, so it’s hard to know how widespread it was previously. Still, if you’ve been having problems, the fix is here.


Warzone playlist names update

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Finally, players will notice a smaller but funnier change the next time they open the game: the names of some of the playlists in-game have been updated to be more…Valentine’s Day-themed. Players will be able to jump into modes like “Warzone Rumble in the Sheets,” as well as “Love and Plunder Trios” throughout the weekend.

It’s unclear how long these names will last but they are still the same modes you knew before, just with different names.

Warzone Feb 12 patch notes

  • Fixed issue causing hit markers to not appear consistently
  • Fixed issue with weapon XP not awarding as intended in MW multiplayer
  • Fixed issue with UI elements on the Loadout Menu
  • Updated Valentine’s weekend playlist names