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Warzone driver goes Mad Max by dominating Rebirth Island’s roofs & houses in cars

Published: 10/Aug/2021 18:15

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island is home to many high-octane freaks of nature. And one fan of big action has put the pedal to the metal, figuring out the most obnoxious places you can drive vehicles and lay out Mad Max destruction.

Whether you’re a fan of Mad Max, Fast and the Furious, or — as better known to OG gamers — the Twisted Metal franchise… you know cars can be serious weapons. That carries over directly into Warzone, where vehicles are notorious for their one-hit kill potential.

The “Big Bertha” cargo trucks and tournament-favorite helicopters have all had their share of the lime light, but perhaps not enough attention has been given to Warzone’s other vehicles. While those cars and quads might not seem too vital on a map as small as Rebirth, that hasn’t stopped one player from figuring out all opportunities.


An ATV on Rebirth Island’s highest rooftop? A dune buggy in the stairwell of a small building? As ‘DrezZone’ demonstrated, there is a lot of ridiculous places where you can drive (and unleash bloodthirsty chaos) in Warzone’s smallest map.

Found a new way to have lots of fun on Rebirth from CODWarzone

As you can see in the clip, DrezZone is a masterful driver with maniacal tendencies. As they explain it, they’ve simply “found a new way to have lots of fun.”

And yes, that fun does come at everyone else’s expense. Can you imagine being knee-deep in a gunfight atop Prison, only to get run over by an ATV? That wouldn’t just be annoying, it would feel like the nightmarish brainchild of a Hollywood director eager to use up more than their budget.


Warzone airport tower helicopter
Helicopters aren’t the only dangerous vehicles in Warzone.

While some might argue that these car plays are dumb because smart players would just notice the vehicle on the minimap — sure, that’s reasonable. But would anyone expect an ATV in Prison to be… on top of Prison? No, that’s unreasonable. You’d assume it somehow got into the ground floor or something, where landlocked vehicles are supposed to be.

Regardless of the victims’ aptitudes, DrezZone’s reckless action movie achieves two things: 1) Rebirth Island players will now see infinite possibilities when looking at the map’s underutilized cars; and 2) minimaps should no longer be trusted.