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Warzone devs are finally working on fixing Ghost perk glitch ruining games

Published: 22/Oct/2021 8:04

by Brad Norton


The Ghost perk hasn’t been working as intended in Warzone Season 6 but developers at Raven Software are now well aware of the issue and finally looking to deploy a fix in an upcoming update.

As far as Perks go in Warzone, there’s no question Ghost is one of the most important in the Call of Duty battle royale today. It’s been a popular loadout choice from day one as UAV spam continues to be the most effective strategy.

Ghost intends to counteract these UAVs by hiding your location on the minimap. Although it did just that for much of Warzone’s first 19 months, the Perk started to fall apart in recent updates.


First noticed back in July, a viral TikTok from Warzone streamer Jessie Cooks revealed how Ghost wasn’t actually obscuring her team. This became a prevalent issue in custom games specifically, before spreading to public matches following the Season 6 update.

Thankfully, Raven Software is finally on the case and a fix is in the works.

Warzone gameplay
Ghost is supposed to keep your location hidden on the map.

“An issue has been identified with the Ghost Perk not functioning correctly in Private Matches,” Raven Software addressed on October 22. Not only is a “fix in the works” for the custom game side of Warzone, but a follow-up shortly after confirmed this fix will apply to “Public Matches” as well.


The official Call of Duty Trello board confirmed that a fix is already scheduled. Therefore, it’s safe to expect we’ll see Ghost working as intended as soon as the next update arrives.

Warzone’s latest patch only just landed on October 18. It’s fair to assume a fresh download will be available in the coming days with this resolution bundled in.

For the time being, however, Ghost is still going to be problematic in both private and public lobbies. So even with the Perk equipped in your loadout, be extra careful when enemy UAVs are flying overhead.

Although it may appear that your location is being masked, that may not be the case. In fact, there’s every chance a team is tracking you down with your precise whereabouts.


If anything, it might be worth looking into some alternative options from our Best Warzone Perksoptions until Ghost is fixed once and for all.