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Warzone devs confirm Streetsweeper nerfs coming in next update

Published: 1/May/2021 16:00 Updated: 2/May/2021 20:05

by Connor Bennett


Raven Software have confirmed that they’re taking a close look at Warzone’s Streetsweeper shotgun balancing, and there are changes coming in the next update. 

As Warzone has continued to get bigger and bigger, players have put pressure on Raven Software to make sure that the battle royale stays in tip-top shape and to keep feeling fresh.

There have been complaints about a lack of regular weapon changes, but following the start of Cold War Season 3, the Warzone devs revealed that they’d quickly be making a few changes to the AMAX, FARA, and Bullfrog, among others.

Despite those changes, players have called for a nerf to the Streetsweeper gun as it’s started to pick up some love for just how strong it is and that it’s also available from ground loot.


Streetsweeper Warzone Loadout Season 3
The Streetsweeper is incredibly deadly in Warzone.

NRG content creator Joe ‘AverageJoeWo’ Wohala was one of the players calling for changes, asking for the devs to outright remove it from ground loot.

The devs heard his call and quickly responded on Twitter. “We’re taking a close look at the Streetsweeper in general,” they tweeted on April 30. “Changes are coming in the next update. No details to share just yet.”

Some players quickly jumped in to praise the devs for saying they’re addressing, however, you can’t please everyone.

A handful of players quickly criticized the fact that the Streetsweeper looks set to be nerfed, saying it just removed another usable shotgun from the weapon pool, thus restricting meta changes.


Some suggested that the devs should simply tweak the spawn rate of the shotgun so it’s a bit more uncommon as ground loot, forcing players to use it in their loadout.

Either way, Raven will have the final say on things in the next update, so we’ll just have to wait and see what changes are made exactly when the new patch rolls out in the future.