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Warzone devs confirm changes to controversial Season 3 lighting

Published: 6/May/2021 8:57

by Brad Norton


After Warzone players were sent back in time to Verdansk ‘84 with the Season 3 update, new lighting issues quickly became apparent. Raven Software is well aware and aiming to implement a fix in the near future.

We’re now two weeks into Warzone Season 3 and while players have grown accustomed to new map changes, everyone is still adjusting to the appearance of Verdansk. Shifting back to the 1980s brought a unique greenish tinge to the entire battle royale.

No matter where you are on the map, the game now has a noticeably different color palette from its initial version. As a result, things tend to get a little wonky with new lighting systems in play.


Arguably the biggest issue comes when transitioning. Moving outside from an indoor location and vice versa now brings a consistent glare. It takes a few seconds to adjust but this brief moment has been causing headaches since the update was introduced. Fortunately, devs are already looking into a fix.

anyone else feel like parts of the map is just too bright and too dark? i can hardly spot enemies with this filter they have put in from CODWarzone

Through a recent accessibility survey Activision sent out, players were encouraged to detail their biggest gripes with the game. With “thousands of replies” coming through, Raven Software began responding to a few in a May 5 Twitter thread.

From improved in-game text chat to better audio options, a number of accessibility settings were teased. What stood out from the pack, however, was a new comment on Warzone’s current lighting.


One player sent across an example of how the new glare has been “causing headaches after short periods of playtime.” Raven addressed it head-on, assuring that they want all “players to feel comfortable while playing Warzone.”

“We’ve been monitoring this closely,” the devs confirmed. Not only are they well aware of the issue, but they “plan on addressing it in an upcoming update.”

No specifics were outlined as to how exactly lighting might be tweaked in the near future. Though the brief transition should be cleaned up to reduce headaches as Season 3 rolls on.

On top of these changes, we’ve also got some huge balance adjustments on the way too. Brush up on every weapon buff and nerf right here.