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Warzone app on PC shows K/D of every other player and could “ruin the game”

Published: 3/Jan/2021 11:11 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 16:24

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty Warzone players have found a new companion app that shows the stats of everyone in a game, including KD, allowing them to pick and choose who they play against. 

Just like in plenty of other games, the debate around skill-based matchmaking – SBMM – has raged like wildfire in Warzone, especially when it comes to the cream of the crop. 

In theory, SBMM is meant to match you up with players in your skill range, however, some players have taken advantage of reverse boosting – purposefully performing worse so their rating is knocked down – as well as playing with lower level players to get a better lobby.


However, there is now a companion app for PC players that allows them to see, before the game gets underway, the stats of every player and team in their lobby – letting them pick and choose who they want to play against. 

Warzone gave Call of Duty a huge new lease of life but it hasn’t been without issue.

Popular Warzone content creator JaredFPS showed off just how detailed the app is on January 2 during his stream, noting that it “ruins the game completely.”

Before the lobby loads, the app quickly shows the top-rated players in the game, including their levels – so you can get a sense of who might be a hacker and who might be real. 


As Jared shows, with the pre-match countdown ticking down, the app can be pulled up to show the stats of everyone in the game. That includes the average KD ratio of the lobby as a whole, the players with the best KD, their average placing, and even how many suspicious matches they’ve had and total headshots. It’s pretty detailed, all in all. 

“So, if I’m in a tournament, I’d be like ‘lets back out and let’s try a different lobby’ until you get a .8 or .9 average KD,” said Jared, adding that this app is why some players have been getting stream sniped and having games ruined. 


Given that it’s a third-party app and it’s not explicitly cheating, it’d be hard for the Warzone devs to make it useless like they have done with certain hacks and it might be up to players to simply not use it.