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Warzone adds new QOL setting to help players who get lots of kills

Published: 20/Oct/2021 23:56

by Theo Salaun


Some Call of Duty: Warzone QOL updates benefit everyone, while others are more niche. A new kill-feed setting should do the latter, being of most use to players who routinely secure loads of kills.

Ever since taking over development of Warzone, Raven Software have been pretty focused on accessibility changes. A new setting fits that mold while also seeming to support players who are constantly getting kills.

Dropped into the October 18 patch, this new setting is a quality-of-life (QOL) upgrade that solely impacts players’ HUD (heads-up display).

As shown by Raven on Twitter, the new setting has a simple name: Killfeed (time on screen). And it is intended to benefit players with vision, hard-of-hearing, and cognitive overload impairments.


New Warzone killfeed QOL setting

The new setting isn’t groundbreaking but actually quite useful. Basically, it allows players to decide how long their killfeed updates last on the screen. 

This means that, if you’re hard of hearing or visually impaired, you can make sure that the killfeed notifications stay up for longer so it’s easier to be sure of what happened. That can be very helpful, as knowing whether or not a kill was a team wipe or not is often critical.

JGOD using the EM2 on Rebirth Island
JGOD / Activision
You can now turn the killfeed off if you want clear space on your screen’s left side.

But, on the other hand, this also can help players who do a lot of killing. Players care about things like FOV (field of view) sliders and Halloween’s animations because they want to see as much of the game as possible.


For those who are constantly racking up eliminations in the killfeed, those notifications may take up valuable space. So, if you’re keyed in on the game’s sounds and notifications, using this setting to minimize visual clutter may be the best bet.

So that’s where we’re at. If you want to confirm squad-wipe information (or relish in it for longer), you can now swap your killfeed HUD to “extended.” And, if you want to minimize distractions while looking for your next victims, you can simply turn it “off.”