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Vonderhaar explains the reason for Blackout’s new camo system [UPDATED]

Published: 1/Feb/2019 15:43 Updated: 1/Feb/2019 21:10

by Matt Porter


Call of Duty’s battle royale Blackout underwent a major change on Thursday, January 31 with the inclusion of weapon skins that can be unlocked and used in the game mode.

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The way that players earn camos in Blackout is much different from the way they are obtained in normal Call of Duty multiplayer, where new skins are unlocked by killing enemies with headshots.

Instead, Blackout requires players to find paint cans which have been hidden around the map, thus allowing them to earn kills without having to search for a specific weapon and then get kills with it.


Call of Duty fans can now unlock their favorite camos in Blackout.
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A number of Call of Duty fans are not convinced by this new system, but Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar has tweeted to explain why they implemented this new system instead of the classic version fans are accustomed to.

“In my opinion, headshots for camos doesn’t work when you don’t have Create-a-Class, loadouts and respawns,” posted Vonderhaar. “You would be so mad at me right now if you couldn’t find a gun for which you were trying to complete challenges.

“The idea that challenges drive you to use other weapons you may not typically use is great feedback. However, we don’t need to use camos to do that.”


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After Blackout’s new weapon camo progression system began receiving more criticism for its apparent lack of competitiveness, Vonderhaar explained to the masses that the mode was not meant to be competitive in the first place.

“In all seriousness, Blackout is not competitive Multiplayer. We are going to things that live somewhere between Multiplayer and Zombies. Some will dig it, some will not. It’s all good. Character unlocks are not always skill-based either. Let’s have some fun and trying some new things.”

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Blackout’s camo progression system was added in an update on Thursday, January 31, and works well for players who may not be able to find lots of kills in a single match, instead relying on their looting skills to find new looks for their weapons.


Just like multiplayer, players can also unlock some special camos for the weapons, and you can use our full guide on how to unlock Gold, Diamond and Dark Matter camos to make sure you know how to get your hands on them.