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Viral Warzone video proves why camping can be a magical team experience

Published: 25/Jun/2021 20:07

by Theo Salaun


There is perhaps no strategy more controversial in Call of Duty: Warzone than camping. But, while people prefer fighting, a viral video is showing why camping can truly be a delightful time for your team.

Very few people like rats. They seem dirty, they hide in the darkest corners, and they can freak you out when they appear. A Roze skin hiding behind a desk with a shotgun in hand, waiting for you to walk by? There’s a reason Warzone players don’t like ratty players.

But, rather than simply hating on campers, sometimes it’s good to try and understand them — what makes them tick and why they are the way they are. This is best explained in Sun Tzu’s legendary “Art of War,” where he explains: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” 


So, whether you’re pro- or anti-camper, it’s useful to understand the mindset. Fortunately, there’s a viral video from a camping team’s POV and, boy oh boy, it makes camping seem funner than you might expect.

It’s really everything you can hope for out of a camping clip. A full team with full coordination, deciding what weapons to use (in this case: none), taking screenshots of themselves, and eagerly awaiting enemies.

The squad of four drops their weapons and waits in ambush at the top of the elevator, ready to beat up incoming foes. And, to their delight, those foes came in perfect order — two victims unprepared for a proper jumping.


Verdank Airport Tower Doneskt Airport Tower Warzone
The Airport tower is annoying, but maybe not for the people inside of it.

Most Warzone players are familiar with the camping types who like to hang out in the Airport tower, but few know just how jovial those campers can be.

While it’s frustrating getting sniped from the tower and knowing you can’t zip up there safely, there is a plus side here: at least we know that the campers are having fun. That’s what the game should be about, after all.