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Viral TikToks show why $12 CoD & Warzone edits are worth every penny

Published: 2/Oct/2021 0:58

by Theo Salaun


The latest viral trend in Call of Duty: Warzone TikTok seems to be trying your luck by buying cheap edits of your highlights. And, looking at the results, it’s clear that these editors should be charging way more than $12.

It’s not exactly clear where the budget edit trend came from, but one Valorant clip was surely ahead of the pack. Just a week later, a whole batch of viral Warzone TikToks are popping up in the same style.

While we can’t be sure people aren’t simply editing these themselves by this point, we’ll allow everyone the benefit of the doubt. 


All of these videos seem to follow the same structure: someone says they paid a small amount (usually $20 or below) for an edit and asks if they should get a refund. Moments later, you’re watching a video with the most obnoxious editing in montage history.

Viral Warzone TikToks on a budget

As you can see in the tweet above, the Call of Duty League’s Minnesota ROKKR say they enlisted an editor for $12 to make a video using their content creator Blazt. With Russian music blaring in the background, the beat drops as the snipes land and boom — a handsome squirrel dances on the screen.


It’s a wild experience and, by this point, people seem almost as fond of the squirrel and in-your-face editing as they are of the impressive highlight.

But some of these break the recipe, including TikTok’s ‘moutainface,’ who was driven to ask if they should demand a refund. They apparently spent $20 and the editor gave them a postmodern piece of art.

The most ridiculous content $20 can buy

@moutainface Should I get a refund??#moutainface #toyota #BillboardNXT #FlauntItChallenge ♬ Я буду ебать – MOREART

It’s meta, it’s abstract, it’s a literal Toyota commercial splashed midway through a Modern Warfare highlight. Oh, and at the time of writing, it’s been liked 2.2 million times on TikTok — meaning it’s been seen millions more.


So, if you’re wondering where we’re at with viral Warzone TikToks in October 2021, there’s your answer. The cool montages and funny narrations have ceded the spotlight to… commercial-filled, squirrel-filled edits.

While we unfortunately can’t tell you where to go for a purchase from this mysterious budget editor, we can instead wish you good luck getting the song out of your head.