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Vikkstar & FaZe pros set blistering Warzone world record for fastest win

Published: 28/May/2020 13:04 Updated: 28/May/2020 13:12

by Jacob Hale


Three FaZe Clan Call of Duty pros have been playing a lot of Warzone with the Sidemen’s Vikkstar – and have now broken the world record for fastest win in Verdansk.

Vikkstar, real name Vikram Singh Barn, has been running with Atlanta FaZe’s Tyler ‘Abezy’ Pharris, Preston ‘Priestahh’ Griener and Jovel ‘Cellium’ McArthur, and they’ve become a force to be reckoned with in Warzone.

On May 24, only a couple of days prior to this incredibly quick game, the team set the world record for most kills in a Squads game with 138, beating the previous record of 121.

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There’s undeniably some magic in the air when these four get together, and they proved it once again when they dropped in and made short work of just about every player they encountered.

While this match didn’t end with such an insanely high kill count, the players could barely believe how quick it finished.

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Before the fourth circle even appeared on the screen, with barely 19 minutes gone, Vikkstar took down the last player left, but they did meet a slight hitch when getting the kill.

While the players celebrated and expected the victory screen to appear, nothing actually happened, and the player count remained at 5, meaning there was still one more left.


A few moments later, Vikk realized what the issue was: the final player was sat in the Gulag all by himself, and they had to wait for the clock to tick away and him to join the fray before they could celebrate.

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The timer reached 20 minutes and 4 seconds, which is a frustrating loss of around 45 seconds for the team having to wait for the player to leave the Gulag, but nonetheless it was lightning fast.

Though the record for fastest game hasn’t really been tracked up to this point, Vikkstar and his FaZe Clan cohort have set a very high standard for players seeking quick wins. They have challenged fellow players and content creators to beat their time.


So, if you’re looking to claim this Warzone world record, you might want to get to work, because under 20 minutes is a seriously impressive accomplishment.