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Vikkstar and Tommey discover unbreakable Warzone Gas Mask glitch

Published: 7/Jun/2020 23:49 Updated: 28/Jun/2020 12:26

by Theo Salaun


In a game with professional streamer Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn and the Dallas Empire’s Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren, the two Call of Duty professionals discovered a game-breaking Gas Mask glitch.

After winning three consecutive Warzone Wednesdays, Vikkstar is no stranger to hacking accusations. So it’s no wonder that he and the boys were quick to have a laugh when one of their teammates, Tommey, encountered a wild glitched Gas Mask while approaching the final circle.

In Vikkstar’s video of their gameplay, Tommey’s Gas Mask reaches its breaking point while he’s looting in the gas, but proceeds not to break and, instead, keeps him immune to the gas until the rest of the teams have died—a full five minutes and 37 seconds.


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Infinity Ward
Gas Masks can be bought or found across Verdansk, offering solace from the dangers of the game’s gas.

Vikkstar is a partnered Call of Duty streamer, YouTube content creator, and the highest earner from Warzone tournaments at the moment. Tommey is a substitute player for the Call of Duty League’s Dallas roster. Both are professionals and have far too many eyes on them to casually cheat on purpose in casual Warzone matches.

Still, in the spirit of experimentation, they did test out the full extents of Tommey’s bugged Gas Mask. At about 7:15 into Vikkstar’s VOD, the glitch is encountered and they proceed to see just how far it goes—with Tommey eventually running from Quarry all the way past Lumber, continuously in the gas.


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Timestamp at 7:15 for mobile viewers.

Since Vikkstar plays on PC, he has earned his fair share of clips questioned for suspicious content. Understandably, the Call of Duty community is not used to seeing the flick shots regularly found in PC-dominant FPS titles like Overwatch. 

But neither Vikkstar nor Tommey cheat on purpose (even if they did test this one out once it happened), so this glitch gets lumped into the bag of rare bugs Infinity Ward is tasked with solving. As of yet, it is not included on their Trello Board for community-suggested problems, but that resource is not comprehensive so it’s possible that they are aware of it.


As gleaned by other players, it’s possible that the glitch is caused by some interaction with looting while the Gas Mask deteriorates—as Tommey was trying to pick up a UAV right as his mask was meant to crack. Whatever the case, hopefully it’s solved soon, as there could be few more annoying ways to lose than to someone halfway across the map lounging in the gas.