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TSM Daequan mocks Modern Warfare’s frustrating meta used by campers

Published: 9/Nov/2019 22:01 Updated: 9/Nov/2019 22:40

by Alan Bernal


The early meta being developed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have some people like Team SoloMid’s Daequan Loco annoyed, leading to a hilarious interpretation of the game’s campers.

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Infinity Ward’s soft reboot to the legendary MW series has been mostly well-received by fans, but already items like claymores, shotguns, and more are creating environments that suffocate the already-hectic maps.

In fact, Daequan was questioned by a viewer on why he runs the XRK M4 with the 725 shotgun alongside claymores in his loadout, saying it “only inspires more people to be f**ks” – leading to the streamer calling out the game’s current state.


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What’s worse: Claymore campers or shotgun spammers?

After the question, Daequan responded by noting how Modern Warfare in its present meta is promoting the presence of people who camp in enclosed spaces, only peeking out to set claymores around their vicinity.

The streamer comically reenacted the conservative gameplay he’s been watching, as some players are electing to be more passive in their Modern Warfare matches.

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He mocked the players to point out that community members are “getting mad at the wrong people” since run-and-gun shotgun users are getting some heat for their gameplay, too.

“Like, b****, don’t get mad at nobody for using shotguns,” Daequan said. “Lame a*s players got me bent. Y’all get mad at the wrong people.”


He went on to point out the flaws for “95% of this community,” as he prefers the action-filled nature of using the shotgun as opposed to Modern Warfare’s other popular tactic.

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Infinity WardAs much as players have been using the 725, campers holed up with claymore present a bigger problem, according to Daequan.

“Bro, 95% of this community is a camping f**k,” he said. “I would much rather run around with a shotgun than sit in a bathroom for 90% of my game time.”

Daequan has been encountering a ton of campers in his matches lately. The streamer was speechless after multiple deaths in a row happened seconds apart at the hands of sneaky claymores.

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While some people suggest using the EOD perk to counteract the explosives, it can still be overwhelming to encounter claymores at every turn.


Even though claymores are a popular item in any CoD title they’ve been featured in, frustrations in Modern Warfare could lead to some sort of balance change from Infinity Ward.