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Treyarch responds to backlash over Black Ops 4 timed special events on PS4

Published: 19/Oct/2018 23:02 Updated: 19/Oct/2018 23:33

by Wyatt Donigan


Fans weren’t too happy with Treyarch when it was announced that PS4 players would gain access to a Halloween-themed Special Event before PC and Xbox players did.

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On October 19, Treyarch announced that in addition to the return of the Black Market, they would be rolling out Special Events periodically that bring new items for players to unlock.

While all players would eventually be able to participate in the events, they would be coming to PS4 players seven days before the other platforms get them.

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The outcry from the community on both Twitter and Reddit was swift and furious as many Xbox and PC players were unhappy with the idea of getting to experience the event for less time than PS4 players.


One of the most upvoted threads on the r/BlackOps4 subreddit summed up the feelings of community members as ‘wolfflame21’ expressed his displeasure with the extent that platform exclusivity had grown.

I’m sorry but the Halloween event being available exclusive to PS4 for 7 days is ridiculous from r/Blackops4

As the outrage grew, however, Treyarch finally cleared the air to let PC and Xbox players know that they would actually have the same amount of time to experience the event as those on PS4.

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It turns out that PS4 players will simply gain access to these events seven days before PC and Xbox players, but the time they have during the events will remain the same across all platforms.


While players were certainly justified in their outrage at possibility having less time with these Special Events, everyone can surely breath easy now that the air has been cleared.

Black Ops 4’s Black Market went live with the 1.03 update on October 19 and has introduced a host of new items to chase through the “Operation” First Strike” promo event.