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Treyarch have good news for the modding community for Black Ops 4 on PC

Published: 30/Sep/2018 18:30

by Calum Patterson


Treyarch’s PC community manager has responded to a request about the future of mod tools in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and it is good news for the modding community.

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Due to Call of Duty’s underwhelming popularity on PC in past years, mod tools have never really been fully supported by the developers, but that could all be about to change with Black Ops 4.

With an entire studio in Beenox being brought on board to focus entirely on the PC version of the game, plus the new Blackout battle royale mode, there is renewed optimism for the PC community about the release.


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As for mod tools specifically however, Black Ops III did in fact embrace them somewhat, and there are plenty of examples of creative modders creating new maps and more with the tools that were available.

But the potential for modding in Call of Duty has certainly never been fully realized, so fans are still eager to see what will chance for Black Ops 4.

When asked by a Twitter user what “mod tools are looking like” for BO4, Treyarch’s dedicated PC focused account replied assuredly, “We’ve repeatedly commented on our huge fandom for the mod community, and it’s something we’ll be looking at, but won’t be at launch.”


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So while the launch window is ruled out (which is admittedly a completely undetermined period of time), modders should be optimistic to getting support from the devs a month or two down the line, or perhaps in early 2019.

This will be of particular interest with Blackout coming too, as the potential for modding and custom games (should they be a feature in Blackout) could be massive.

The only downside is that of course the features wouldn’t translate over to console, where the majority of Call of Duty’s player base remains, but if interesting mods for the PC version are created, it could encourage some console players to make the switch.