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Top Warzone trio reveals meta Iron Trials loadout for $75k tournament

Published: 27/Oct/2021 1:44

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Iron Trials ‘84 mode is new and, therefore, mysterious to many. Fortunately, one of the game’s top professional trios — Tommey, Almond, and Newbz —  revealed their meta tournament loadout for the mode.

Iron Trials is probably the most beloved mode added to Warzone since Rebirth Island. With a higher TTK (time to kill) and other changes, like the absence of free loadouts, it’s already being considered an ideal mode for competitive play

In that spirit, why not turn to the world’s most competitive players for Iron Trials loadout recommendations? 

Ahead of the world’s first major Iron Trials tournament, one of Warzone’s top trios revealed their meta loadout of choice. With $75,000 on the line in the Twitch Rivals event, you can be sure they took these choices seriously.


Tournament-ready meta Iron Trials loadout

As you can hear in the clip, the trio is discussing what guns they should use for the huge event. Tommey, a former professional player and one of Warzone’s top five earners, laid out his preferred setup.

  • Primary: EM2
  • Secondary: MP5 (Black Ops Cold War)
  • Perks: Quick Fix, Overkill, Amped
  • Tactical Equipment: Stim Shot
  • Lethal Equipment: Throwing Knife

The setup is pretty interesting, as it makes some unique departures from the meta loadouts used in standard competitive play.

Instead of the MG82 and OTs 9, the high-damage EM2 and large-magazine MP5 were recommended. Instead of the popular choices of Double Time and a Heartbeat Sensor, they opted for the life-saving Quick Fix and Stim Shot options.

Stim Shots and Quick Fix’s redemption arc

Warzone stim shot
The Stim Shot gets its time to shine in Iron Trials.

While the gun recommendations are useful, Quick Fix and Stims are the real important parts here. Iron Trials gives players more health while slowing down their regeneration rate, making the value of base, un-armored health more important.


Quick Fix makes your regeneration faster, thereby counteracting the mode’s default nerf to the mechanic. Separately, Stims not only heal you for more than they would in normal modes (since there’s more health overall) but also make it so that you can regenerate health quickly.

With these two health-enabling items, players can get an edge over others who aren’t as prepared. Of course, after the tournament we’ll have to see what the winning team used — but this loadout seems like a strong recipe for success.