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Top five guns to use in Black Ops 4 at lower levels

Published: 19/Oct/2018 16:03

by Ross Deason


One of the most difficult things about starting out on a new Call of Duty game is that there are often players that are 40 or more levels above you from the outset.

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That’s an issue from the very first day, so if you’re starting late or haven’t been able to pour much time into Black Ops 4 since release, there’s a good chance that you’re a long way behind just about every player in any lobby that you join.

Going up against opponents that already have most of the good perks, weapons and items unlocked can be infuriating, but Call of Duty developers always make sure that there are a range of competitive weapons available from the earlier stages in order to offset that deficit.


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But what weapons should you be pouring your time into and unlocking attachments for during the early levels? Well, Drift0r has compiled a list of the five best guns to invest your earliest hours into.

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It’s hardly surprising to see the ICR at the top of the popular YouTuber’s list. The assault rifle’s relatively low damage per second (DPS) is made up for with incredible accuracy and low recoil.

Once you begin unlocking various attachments, the gun becomes something akin to a laser beam and you’ll soon be destroying people of all levels.



The Spitfire is a slightly more surprising choice and isn’t immediately available. The submachine gun is like a more difficult-to-use version of the Vesper from Black Ops 3, but it does still work in the same way – peppering opponents with countless rounds before they can blink.

Unfortunately, the weapon’s recoil, damage and magazine size makes it difficult to use at anything past point-blank range, so only pull it out in situations and maps that allow for close-quarters gunfights.

Rampart 17

The Rampart may not be the most obvious choice in the assault rifle category when it’s competing with the ICR, but it’s worth leveling up, especially when you’ve reached max level with the ICR.


The rate of fire is pretty slow, but the Rampart deals out serious damage for each hit. Once you unlock High Caliber II, the Rampart is extremely powerful and worth the time it takes to learn the recoil.


The Hades is a fully automatic light machine gun that, as Drift0r explains, “sits very neatly between a traditional light machine gun and an assault rifle.”

The Hades has a massive magazine and maneuverability doesn’t take as much of a hit from it as some of the weapons in its class.


The final item on the list is the very first submachine gun that you unlock. It’s extremely easy to use but suffers from the same issues as the other SMG weapons in Black Ops 4 – they simply cannot compete with assault rifles in many situations.


As Drift0r points out, the MX9 isn’t even the strongest weapon in the SMG class, but it’s certainly a good option at the lower levels if you’re determined to use one.