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Top five class setups to use in Black Ops 4 after Patch v1.04

Published: 6/Nov/2018 21:03 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 21:26

by Mitch Reames


With patch v1.04 that went live on October 30th, Treyarch made some major buffs and nerfs to guns in Black Ops 4.

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The main change was nerfing ARs and buffing SMGs to bring the two guns closer together in power level, but just about every class of gun was changed in some way.

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Here are a few of his preferred setups:

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For people who want to be aggressive, the Maddox with both Quickdraw 1 and 2 is a good choice. Even though the Maddox is an AR, it works well close range and Ace has Fast Reload on it to really let him tear through opponents.


He says he feels the Maddox is “the best SMG class, even though it isn’t an SMG.”

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For people who prefer a bit slower, more methodical pace, he recommends trying out the VKM 750. An LMG, the VKM isn’t one of the most popular guns but can be incredibly powerful. Once a player unlocks High Caliber 1 and 2, only a couple shots are needed with the VKM.

He uses quick draw with it to lessen the time it takes to look down the sight and also uses Gung-Ho to quickly jump out of a sprint.

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The final gun is the Auger with High Caliber. The Tactical Rifle absolutely shreds people with the improved bullets. 

In addition, he runs Fast Mags to improve the slow reload of the gun and uses Scavenger to make sure he has enough bullets to reach a killstreak.