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Tommey claims EM2 loadout is the best class in Warzone after Krig & Stoner nerfs

Published: 21/Sep/2021 15:28

by Jacob Hale


100 Thieves Warzone star Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren is one of the most formidable players in Verdansk, but with nerfs to the Krig 6 and Stoner 63, he thinks this EM2 loadout could be the new go-to.

While both weapons still remain pretty popular, often the go-to choices for long-range gunfights, they have dropped off slightly as players refamiliarize themselves with previous meta weapons such as the FARA 83 or the Grau.

This has given players the opportunity to test out some different assault rifles that they might not have used previously, including the EM2 which arrived at the start of Season 5.

The EM2 has been a ground loot weapon throughout the majority of the season, but not many players have experimented with it in the gunsmith — but that could be about to change.


Tommey’s EM2 Warzone class

Tommey Warzone EM2 loadout
YouTube: Tommey
Tommey’s EM2 loadout in Warzone.
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 25.8” Task Force
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: 40 Rnd

Tommey’s EM2 is built how most assault rifle and large machine gun builds look in Warzone. The Agency Suppressor and Task Force barrel make a lethal combination, maximizing bullet velocity and recoil control while also keeping your gunfire off of the minimap.

The Axial Arms optic and Field Agent Grip are also common picks, allowing you to have complete control of the weapon over long distances, making those ranged gunfights as easy as possible.

Finally, the 40 Rnd magazine should provide enough ammunition to down multiple enemies, though it might be a bit harder to keep on top of in quads and even trios, especially if you don’t hit all your shots.


Whether the EM2 becomes a more meta pick over the course of time remains to be seen, but Tommey proves it can seriously pack a punch and, with a trusty OTs 9 SMG in your back pocket, you’ll be pretty well-equipped to take on your enemies.

With a lot of hype around the new Call of Duty: Vanguard, which is set to release on November 5, there’s a couple of months of Cold War dominance left in Verdansk before we get a whole new map and Warzone experience.

Until then, you might want to give the EM2 a go and see how it works for you.