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Tommey and NAMELESS Explain How They Have Ended Up Teamless Amid Rostermania

Published: 3/May/2018 17:18 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 17:29

by Calum Patterson


One of the biggest surprises so far arising from the recent roster mayhem in Call of Duty, has been the position which former Splyce player Tommey has found himself in.

As one of the star players of the Splyce roster, most fans believed his spot on the team secure, and so were shocked to learn of his release as a restricted free agent.

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More shocking still, was Tommey’s follow up tweets and announcements, hinting that he may be forced to step away from competiting for the remained of the 2018 CoD: WWII season.

Of course, no one could have thought it was down to a lack of skill, as he has shown he comfortably belongs amongst the upper echelon of players, not only in Europe but across all regions.


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During his recent appearance on the CoD Cast, Tommey went into much more detail than fans are perhaps used to, explaining how it is exactly has ended up in his current situation.

When asked by Anthony “NAMELESS” Wheeler why UNILAD had not offered Tommey a spot, Tommey broke down the chronology of events.

“An offer was put there for myself to join [UNILAD]. But, what happened was, something else then came up and I was asked if I would consider it, which then I said yes I would.

But than then went back to UNILAD as if I had been asking to join this other team. So then I lost my spot on UNILAD, because I said I would consider an offer from another team. So this happened, and then that was it.”

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NAMELESS, who similarly had been on a Pro League team with Evil Geniuses, explained how a nearly identical series of events had caused him to essentially retire.

“Same thing happened to me. […] I got offered a spot by Ghost Gaming, and it was a good offer. And I was waiting on if Envy would offer me a spot right, because they were the team that didn’t have an AR player and they needed one.

So I told Ghost, in 24 hours I will hit you guys back, and I am down to join you guys if Envy doesn’t pick me up. 24 hours go by, I hit [Ghost] back up, and they go: ‘Yo, we picked up Parasite man we’re sorry we didn’t want to wait.”

So for both Tommey and NAMELESS, despite their skill and ability to play at the top level, it seems that issues around communication and trust are the ultimate causes for their current predicaments.


While NAMELESS has said he is committing to casting and analysis, with a look to returning for Black Ops 4, Tommey is less sure of his future plans.

He may look to join a CWL National Circuit roster and build up from there, but his chances of Pro League team for Stage Two look finished.

You can watch the full episode of the CoD Cast below.