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Tips and Tricks to help you unlock the Dark Matter camo on Black Ops 4

Published: 22/Oct/2018 11:24 Updated: 22/Oct/2018 11:32

by Matt Porter


Fans of Call of Duty have been grinding for the special Dark Matter camo since Black Ops 4 released on Friday, October 12.

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This weapon skin is widely sought after due to its exclusivity, as players need to complete every challenge for every weapon in the game to unlock this special camo.

Some of these challenges can be extremely difficult, but Reddit user ‘Miniatom’ has produced a handy tips and tricks guide to help Black Ops 4 players get their hands on the Dark Matter skin.

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This year, playing game modes from the Hardcore section of the game is the easiest and quickest way to unlock Dark Matter. For weapons like assault rifles and submachine guns where you need headshots to complete challenges, Hardcore’s limited health makes it much easier to kill opponents, meaning it takes less shots to the head to take down an enemy than in normal Core modes.


Miniatom also suggests using Engineer as your first perk, as he feels that “seeing enemy equipment is your best friend” when trying to stay alive and get those kills. He also suggests using Dead Silence as your third perk, so you can sneak behind enemies and line up your shot.

Dark Matter – Tips and Tricks from r/Blackops4

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In terms of specific weapons, Miniatom states that you should run the Hellion Salvo launcher from the beginning, as this should ensure you finish the challenges for this weapon quickly.

For the SDM sniper rifle, the High Caliber attachment is a must-have to make sure you kill enemies in one shot. The SG12 shotgun requires headshots, so Miniatom suggests using a laser sight on this weapon, and waiting around corners for enemies on hardcore modes.


Unfortunately, while these tips and tricks may help you get the Dark Matter camo slightly quicker, it’s still a long road to unlocking the skin, and requires a lot of grinding to get it, as Miniatom states that it took over two and a half days of gameplay for him to complete the challenges.

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