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Three New Basic Trainings Are Headed to Call of Duty: WWII

Published: 23/Jun/2018 18:13 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 15:17

by Scott Mahoney


The third DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII goes live on June 26th and with that comes an update to the game that is adding three new Basic Trainings for players to equip to their classes.

YouTuber TheseKnivesOnly was invited out to Sledgehammer’s studio and has been granted the right to share this new information.

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Basic Trainings are a considerable factor in the game and can be the difference between getting a game-winning kill or losing.

The World War II developers have become known for their frequent updates and game-altering patches, and this update is shaping out to be much of the same.


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The three new Basic Trainings are ‘Specialist,’ ‘Wanderlust,’ and ‘Escalation’ each of which offers a unique advantage to players that has been unseen in WWII.

For the first time since Modern Warfare 3, Specialist has returned to the game, this time it is not a perk, but a Basic Training.

“Earn Basic Trainings instead of Scorestreaks. Unlock at 200, 400, and 600 score. All Basic Trainings are granted at 800 score. Progress resets on death.”

Wanderlust will have fans reminiscent of Gungame while Escalation will allow players to go on deadly killing sprees.


“Spawn with a random gun (has up to 6 attachments). Pressing Triangle will always provide a new weapon.”


“Shortly after kills, aim down sights significantly faster. Bonus: Multi-kills instantly refill magazine.”

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These coming changes could shift the meta in both public games and competitive play depending on how the rule set adapts the changes.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see how things shape up.