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“This is OpTic’s Major to lose!” | CDL Reverse Sweep Preview Show

Published: 29/Jul/2021 5:22 Updated: 29/Jul/2021 5:04

by Brad Norton


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With the Call of Duty League Stage 5 Major just hours away, our Reverse Sweep crew of Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker & Katie Bedford are back to preview all the biggest matchups and make their bold predictions for the final event before Champs.

The 2021 regular season is finally over. After months of grinding week in and week out, just two events remain in the Black Ops Cold War cycle. Before we get to Champs, the Stage 5 Major is upon us and so is the return of fans at a big LAN event.

It’s sure to be a spectacle with teams feeding off the crowd’s energy for the first time in well over a year. With some squads on the rise and others on a downward spiral, who is the most likely to come away with that trophy?


To break down all the storylines going into the event and to preview the hottest games, here’s what our Reverse Sweep crew had to say.

Can Subliners turn things around in the Stage 5 Major?

It’s been a challenging Stage 5 for the New York squad. With Clayster taking a break, NYSL is heading into the Major with just a single win to its name in the past five matchups.

Though despite their recent difficulties, Pacman and Enable agreed on one thing: NYSL will still beat the Los Angeles Guerrillas. “I don’t see them losing to LAG,” Enable said. Though he can certainly see them “losing in the next round.”


“It’s just a really tough spot,” Pacman added. “I don’t have much hope for a Subliners run.”

Will the LA Thieves go on a Major run?

With LA Thieves starting to find their rhythm in Stage 5, could we see them go on a run through the Major? “They definitely have potential,” Enable argued.

Their first match pits them against Toronto. While it may be a tough series, he’s confident they can “upset Toronto” and move ahead to a rematch with OpTic. Given their recent reverse sweep over the Green Wall, a hot start could have them cruising to the Winner’s Finals.

“I don’t think they have a chance of beating Toronto,” Enable countered. “I just feel like the run’s going to come from the lower bracket. That’s where the potential comes in.”


Is OpTic vs FaZe the most likely Grand Final series?

Making their predictions for the final showdown of the Major, Enable believes this is “[OpTic’s] event to lose. They are finally getting it together. Now they have not only the confidence, but they have the first seed. They need a great event if they want to have a chance at winning Champs.”

Meanwhile, Pacman doesn’t envision an OpTic win. Instead, he argued they might not even make it to the finals. “It’s a possibility but do I think it’s gonna happen? No. I think it’s gonna be Atlanta vs Toronto or Dallas vs Toronto.”

Players to keep an eye on in the Stage 5 Major

Keeping his focus on OpTic, Enable highlighted none other than the King as his player to watch. “I’ve got to double down,” he said. “I’m going with Scump. He’s really hitting his stride, we have LAN, we have the crowd. This is when he’s at his best.”


For Pacman, he looked towards an underdog team in the winner’s bracket. “If the ROKKR are to beat FaZe,” he wants to see a “standout performance” from both Priestahh and Standy. “I’m looking at those two guys to get them over that hump if they are to beat FaZe in the first round.”

Last but not least, Katie still has her sights on Toronto to replicate their earlier success. “I’m gonna go with Cammy,” she said. “Toronto’s been so good all year, but I really would like to see them get that extra bit. Let me see that takeover. I have very high hopes.”


Bold predictions for the Stage 5 Major

To wind down, the team made their bold predictions for the final event before Champs. Enable kicked off the conversation with perhaps the “hottest take all year. I’ve got ROKKR winning their first match against FaZe,” he said.

If they’re able to get past that first hurdle, he can see them moving into “Winner’s Round 2 and beating the breaks off of [Dallas].”

Taking his prediction in the complete opposite direction, Pacman’s prediction focused on Dallas dominance. “Dallas is gonna win this Major,” he said confidently. “They’re gonna lose three total maps. I feel like it’s time.”