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Theater mode is back and better than ever in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Published: 11/Oct/2018 13:58 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 10:01

by Calum Patterson


After being notably absent from the last two Call of Duty titles, Theater mode finally makes a glorious return for Black Ops 4, and it is better than ever.

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Theater mode was first introduced by Treyarch in 2010 with the original Black Ops, and it was arguably the most innovative non-gameplay addition to Call of Duty ever.

For the first time, players could rewatch all of their matches back, and could see the perspective of every player in the lobby, and use free cam to create incredible videos or learn from your own gameplay.

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So, whenever theater mode was missing from a Call of Duty since, fans were not happy. With neither Infinite Warfare or WWII having it, some thought it may never return.


But, Treyarch have come up trumps once again. Not only is theater mode back, it is now available for Multiplayer, Zombies and, most significantly, Blackout.

Previously, theater was only available for multiplayer, but now you will be able to watch back an entire Blackout match, and use free cam to explore the whole map and every player’s perspective.

Image via CharlieINTEL
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There is a plethora of viewing and capture options once in theater mode, and you will also be able to save your best clips and moments.

With Blackout especially, it sounds like it would take significant processing power to capture and record the entire map, so it is an accomplishment that should be noted.


Theater mode is excellent news for YouTubers and streamers too, as they will be able to utilise all its features to improve their content.