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The world’s first Dark Matter camo has already been unlocked

Published: 15/Oct/2018 18:45 Updated: 15/Oct/2018 23:49

by Wyatt Donigan


The most exclusive weapon camo in Black Ops 4 has been unlocked just three days after the game’s release on October 12.

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While all of the camos in Black Ops 4 require a sizable amount of grinding, Dark Matter takes the cake as the hardest camo to acquire.

To obtain Dark Matter, players must unlock every camo for every gun in the game, meaning it will only be available to the most dedicated Black Ops 4 players.

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Even with the tough requirements set forth, one dedicated player, Sean E Dawgz, played the game for just under 72 hours straight to become the first in the world to unlock Dark Matter.


Late in the evening on October 14, Dawgz posted his achievement to Twitter in order to stake his claim as world’s first.

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He then followed that up with a video on YouTube with tons of footage of the elusive camo in all its glory.

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Dawgz admits that the camo looks a bit wonky in the pre-game lobby, but assures worried fans that it looks incredible once the game is loaded up.

It also looks like the camo grows horns or wings as he racks up kills at the 7:12 mark in the video, which is very similar to how the Diamond camo changes colors.