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The first zero-kill wins have been completed in Blackout

Published: 17/Sep/2018 0:06 Updated: 17/Sep/2018 0:39

by Virginia Glaze


Players have managed to win a game without killing a single enemy – but they had some help along the way.

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Reddit user RealCarFacts uploaded a screenshot of Blackout that revealed his first zero-kill win, which was also one of the first recorded in the game.

He didn’t do it alone – it was thanks to zombies killing one of the last living players that he was able to take the victory.

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The player revealed that his win was completely unintentional, as well, stating that he’d gotten lost in the hedge maze around the Asylum after exploring the map, with the last player dying by a storm circle.


“I was just messing around and exploring and I noticed there were less than ten people left,” he explained in the post. “I was lost in the hedge maze when I heard zombies. They must have taken everyone out except me and one other…The other guy came out of hiding with a ray gun. The storm closed in and he jumped off of an edge and must have got himself stuck because….Victory.”

Zero kill win on Blackout, thanks zombies! from r/Blackops4

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He isn’t the only one to have earned a victory through pacifism, either. Another reddit user by the name of MaximusVX described his experience in getting a zero-kill win, wherein the remaining players blew themselves up trying to kill each other.


The Blackout Beta will soon come to an end, closing across all platforms on September 17 at 1 PM ET. There’s still time to try for a zero-kill win: sometimes, other players (and zombies) do the work for you.