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The Black Ops 4 Diamond camo changes colors with streaks

Published: 15/Oct/2018 0:13

by Vincent Genova


Treyarch has taken the Diamond camo to another level in Black Ops 4 by adding a color-changing effect every time you go on a five kill streak.

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The camo turns into fluorescent blues, greens and reds with each streak, but something amazing happens if you can change the color seven times in a single match.

As discovered by the KARNAGE Clan, the Diamond camo will turn into an animated rainbow.

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Earning the Diamond camo is very similar to past Black Ops games.

You will have to get 100 headshots with a weapon to unlock the basic camos, then a new set of camos will become available to be unlocked.


Once you complete the challenges required for the next set of camos, you will unlock a special Gold camo for that weapon.

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Earning the Gold camo on every weapon in a class will then unlock the Diamond camo for all the weapons in that class. The gun in KARNAGE’s video is the Swordfish, which is in the Tactical Rifle class.

Once you unlock the Diamond camo for every class in Black Ops 4, another special camo will unlock – Dark Matter.

Check out Dexerto’s guide for the best way to unlock camos in Black Ops 4 so you can get a color-changing Diamond camo for yourself!


Image Source: Karnage Ghosts