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All 10 Prestige emblems for Black Ops 4 have been revealed

Published: 10/Oct/2018 22:16 Updated: 11/Oct/2018 5:14

by Albert Petrosyan


Treyarch have revealed all of the Prestige emblems that will be used in their upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 title. 

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In the days leading up to the release of Black Ops 4, Treyarch had been periodically tweeting out the Prestige icons in bunches, with the final batch revealed on October 10.

As usual, there are a total of 10 emblems, one for each of the Prestiges that players can level up to throughout the course of the game’s Multiplayer.

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Each icon is unique in terms of its design, color scheme, and intricacy, with the only common aspect being the fact that each one features some sort of mask or helmet and a corresponding piece of head-wear.


Graphic designer ‘Deziah’ has compiled the emblems together on one image, and all 10 Prestige icons placed side-by-side is truly a sight to behold.

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Unless there is a fundamental change introduced in Black Ops 4, the Prestige system will likely be very similar to CoD titles in the past.

Starting from the base level and every Prestige thereafter, players will need to level up to a certain level before they can enter the next Prestige, at which point a new icon will appear next to their name, although all of their unlocked weapons, perks, and items will be reset.


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There are usually a multitude of ways to boost the in-game XP points needed to level up, such as completing challenges, performing well in Multiplayer, and more.

Black Ops 4 is scheduled to launch worldwide on October 12. For all information about international release times, pre-loading the game on console, and all download and update file sizes, check out our information hub here: