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TeePee reveals insane number of times he’s lost to Warzone cheaters

Published: 3/Feb/2021 11:34

by Jacob Hale


Popular Warzone streamer Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow has revealed the insane number of times he’s lost to cheaters in Warzone — and it’s more than many players have even dropped into Verdansk.

Cheating and hacking has become arguably one of the biggest issues in Warzone, if not the biggest. Players like NICKMERCS have refused to play tournaments thanks to the growing issue, while others, such as Vikkstar, have said they’re taking a break from the game altogether.

The situation has grown so out of control that Activision had to come out with a statement on February 2 confirming that there is actually an anti-cheat in place and that they’ve recently banned 60,000 cheaters in the game.


The issue is, as one hacker revealed, they can simply make as many accounts as they want and keep coming back. If anyone knows the severity of this, it’s TeePee.

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As a former pro, TeeP has worked extensively within Call of Duty, but this might be too far for him.

With the issue becoming ever more exacerbated over time, TeeP revealed that one of his mods actually counts every time he dies to cheaters.

After noticing that the stim glitch was back once again, he took to Twitter to vent his frustration and reveal what the number currently stands at — and it will blow your mind.

“One of my mods tracks losses to cheaters since the start of WZ,” he said. “Total of 1,182 losses (this total includes the following: stim glitcher, wallers, aim botters, etc that are obvious).”


1,182 losses to cheaters is a truly insane number, and it’s difficult to fathom the level of frustration TeeP and other players feel at this.

What’s worse is that these are only the “obvious” instances that the former Call of Duty pro lost to cheaters — it could be a whole lot more when you consider those that managed to hide their cheats better.

With the current uproar surrounding the cheating situation in Warzone, we’ll likely see Activision elevate their actions against it very soon for the good of the game and its playerbase. Until then, though, it’s not looking great.