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Stream sniper who tries to kill shroud fails miserably on Blackout

Published: 6/Nov/2018 17:44 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 17:58

by Matt Porter


A stream sniper who tried to kill Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek during a game of Blackout found out the hard way that you have to be extremely clever to outplay the former CS:GO pro player.

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Shroud had momentarily left his setup, leaving his character hidden in the bathroom of a house in the hopes that nobody would check it and kill him.

Unfortunately, it became clear as soon as Grzesiek left that someone who was in his game was also watching his stream, as an enemy player could be heard opening a door in the house and settling in to wait on the popular streamer to come back and begin searching the house.


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Unfortunately for the stream sniper, shroud actually heard the noise from another room, and rushed back to his set up. “I swear I just heard someone open a door,” commented the Canadian, “I swear.”

Shroud wasted little time hunting down his opponent, checking the main living area of the house, before rounding on the bedroom where the stream sniper lay in wait. Grzesiek quickly checked the room, spotted the enemy and placed down a barricade, blocking him into the room.

The former Cloud9 member then quickly rushed out of the house, running around the side to jump through the bedroom window and eliminate his opponent. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the satisfaction, as his barricade had already killed the sniper.


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Shroud was pleased with his kill, laughing and telling his stream: “I heard a door open, I ran back to my computer when I heard a door open. I’m just glad that guy was clueless.”

This clip is just the latest in a long line of amazing Blackout plays Grzesiek has made since the release of Blackout in October. Recently, shroud killed six enemies to win the game without even aiming down the sights of his weapon, and also managed to solo win a Code Red tournament match with a massive 20 kills.