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Stream sniper makes Ninja rage quit Fortnite

Published: 17/Sep/2018 16:54 Updated: 17/Sep/2018 18:39

by Bill Cooney


Ninja, arguably the best known Fortnite streamer in the world, decided to switch to Call of Duty’s Blackout during stream after being repeatedly stream sniped.

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In the clip at the beginning of the video, Ninja is playing a solo match in Fortnite and hides under a stairwell, only to have a player make a direct beeline to the streamer and take him out.

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Even though it wasn’t the first time Ninja’s streamed Blackout, it was one of the first times he’s quit Fortnite due to stream snipers and started to play another game.


He compared stream snipers to hecklers at a comedy show because they ruin the show for everyone else.

“Congratulations man, Wildcard? You’re the reason I’m switching over to Black Ops right now,” the streamer told his Twitch chat.

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As one of the most prolific streamers on Twitch, seeing Ninja unexpectedly switch off of his usual Fortnite isn’t something that happens very often.

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“I was having a bunch of fun,” Ninja tells a teammate in Blackout. “I’ve been complaining about the stream sniping for a long time. The last couple of days it’s been pretty bad.”


“I know they’re watching the streams, that’s how they get in the games,” Ninja continued. “If you guys are going to try to ruin my games, and land on me and just kill me then quit out of the game and then get in another game, I’m just not going to play.”