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Strange Warzone glitch lets you teleport around the map

Published: 6/Aug/2020 12:19

by Daniel Cleary


Modern Warfare players have found an unusual glitch with Recon Drones that lets you “teleport” anywhere you want in Warzone and multiplayer modes.

Season 5 of Warzone finally arrived on August 5, bringing about plenty of content such as new weapons and map changes around Verdansk.

While new ziplines were added and areas such as the Stadium have been made more accessible, players found another way to scale buildings with a strange “teleport” glitch.

Warzone stadium in Season 5
Infinity Ward
The stadium has become more accessible in Warzone Season 5.

This bug seemingly allows you to fly around the map, picking off enemies from up high, and can be devastating against unsuspecting opponents.

Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs shared this glitch, revealing that it could only be done with a friend when you have a recon drone each. Here’s how it works.


How to Teleport in Warzone and Modern Warfare

  1. Once you have your Recon Drones, you’ll need to deploy yours and fly it into your friend’s character model.
  2. When the drone appears to be clipping inside of the character, your friend will then need to activate their drone.
  3. After they use it, they’ll be attached to your drone and you can fly them wherever you want.
  4. Pilot the drone to your location of choice and simply press ‘exit’ to place the character in an unusual location.

Topic starts at 1:20

This glitch works on both Modern Warfare and Warzone, although it can be a little bit more difficult to find multiple recon drones at once in Verdansk.

Bubs also revealed that there are invisible barriers in maps like Hackney Yard, which can let you float in the air and can catch a lot of enemies off guard from the sky.

As seen with past game-breaking glitches, it is quite likely that this will be patched by Infinity Ward in one of their future updates.