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Warzone analyst proves STG & Garand Vanguard blueprints have easier recoil

Published: 15/Oct/2021 22:23

by Alec Mullins


Call of Duty: Vanguard blueprints have arrived in the Warzone store and players are baffled by how good they are. A new comparison proves the STG 44 & M1 Garand blueprints do indeed have easier recoil patterns than their base counterparts. 

While we’re still a few weeks out from the release of Vanguard, that doesn’t mean it’s not already reshaping the franchise. A few guns from the upcoming title arrived with the Season 6 battle pass and are making quite the splash in Warzone as players analyze exactly how effective these new weapons and their blueprints really are.

NYSL’s Mavriq went on a deep dive into the recoil patterns between the standard version of each gun and their respective blueprints, and the results are blatant: the blueprints all consistently have an easier spray pattern.


This immediately conjures pay-to-win concerns, which have popped up with guns like the Bullfrog and XM4 before. Seeing the impact trails for yourself really illuminates how dangerous these weapons could be.

Warzone STG & M1 Garand Vanguard blueprints give in-game advantage

Warning Track vanguard warzone blueprint stg 44
Warning Track STG 44 blueprint in Warzone.

If we take a look at Mavriq’s test, it’s clear that these blueprints do not operate the same as their standard counterparts.

While these aren’t technically P2W since they come free with the battle pass, players typically don’t like when a blueprint behaves differently than its base version. The evidence is especially concerning in the case of the M1 Garand’s Heirloom blueprint.

Comparing Warzone Vanguard blueprints to base versions

If you’re unfamiliar with tests like these, the jagged edges found in the highlighted lines indicate more aggressive movement from the gun when fired. These sudden changes in direction are what make weapons difficult to control in a gunfight.


The closer a gun can be to a straight line, the easier it is to handle when shooting, and the Heirloom M1 Garand flattens this kind of instability to an unbelievably small level.

This hasn’t been a big problem in the game as of yet, but with more Vanguard weapons on the way, there could be cause for concern if this trend continues.

Anyone who wants to test these results out for themselves will need to start grinding out their Season 6 Battle Pass, as all Vanguard blueprints are locked inside the middle and upper tiers of the battle pass for now.