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Slacked claims former coach Spacely stole LG’s strats at Champs

Published: 22/Sep/2018 19:22

by Vincent Genova


Spacely coached Luminosity Gaming during the CWL Pro League before returning as a player for Team Elevate at the 2018 Call of Duty Championships.

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Elevate matched up against Luminosity in the Winners Bracket, meaning Spacely was playing against the team he worked on strategies with.

According to LG’s Slacked, Spacely took advantage of that and “stole” their strats.

Of course, Spacely was not sneaking around LG’s hotel room stealing confidential documents or hiding New England Patriots-styled cameras on LG’s practice stations. By stealing, Slacked meant Spacely worked with the team on strats for a long period of time and knew what they would try to do.


While responding on stream to a question about the situation, Slacked said, “[Spacely] watched us for a month and half straight at the Call of Duty World League.”

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Elevate won the match in convincing fashion, sweeping the favored Luminosity to send them to the Losers bracket.

The map one Hardpoint went to Elevate 250-179 and Slacked struggled, going 14-26 with 1:12 of hill time.

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Slacked claimed that strategies are more important for Search and Destroy however, and Elevate took the Search map 6-3.

Three of the four Elevate players went positive and Spacely tied for most kills on the map with nine.