Shroud proves his skill on console with insane snipes on the Blackout PS4 beta - Dexerto
Call of Duty

Shroud proves his skill on console with insane snipes on the Blackout PS4 beta

Published: 12/Sep/2018 16:00

by Calum Patterson


As a former professional CS:GO player and regarded as one of the finest PUBG streamers, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is known for his prowess with a keyboard and mouse – but he is proving to be no slouch with a controller either on the Blackout beta.

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Because the first few days of the beta for Call of Duty’s battle royale mode are exclusive to PS4, shroud has been forced to dust off his console to try out the first BR game from a AAA developer.

And while his early performances were good, there was no doubt he was slightly out of his comfort zone with toggle in place of a mouse, but he seems to be finally getting the hang of things and getting like his normal (and incredible) accuracy.


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With a sniper in hand, shroud has been tearing up the opposition on Blackout, from sniping enemies out of the air before they even get a chance to land, to quick-scoping enemies in close quarters.

All of this from his second day on the beta using a controller, it seems as though it hasn’t taken the popular streamer long to get into his groove.

Or take for example this precise two piece, as he swivelled round and knocked both opponents with the powerful, fully equipped, Paladin – the bulky 50. cal sniper.

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Players in his lobby aren’t even safe at ridiculously long distance either, as shroud manages to account for bullet drop and lead time to knock opponents across from Nuketown island.


Fans of shroud will be keen to see him try out Blackout on PC, when the beta goes live on all platforms on September 14.

His abilities in PUBG, another militaristic battle royale from which Blackout certainly takes inspiration from, are the stuff of legend, so putting his already accrued knowledge of the mode together with his mouse accuracy should be something very special to watch when the PC beta drops.