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Shroud gives his opinion on Blackout vs PUBG

Published: 14/Oct/2018 1:50 Updated: 14/Oct/2018 3:50

by Vincent Genova


Now that Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode has finally launched, FPS legend Shroud is ready to compare it to his favorite game, PUBG.

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While playing Blackout on stream, the former CS:GO pro started to talk about how the new game is in relation to other battle royales, specifically PUBG.

“I’m going to be playing this game a lot, I like it,” started Shroud. “It’s not like PUBG, I think I still love PUBG overall more, but, [Blackout] is fun.”

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Blackout is still a work in progress, with Treyarch promising continued support in the game’s future.


Shroud acknowledged that it was still early on in, saying, “it needs a lot of work, it is still very early.”

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While it sounds like Shroud will continue to play PUBG the most, Blackout might feature on his channel when he decides to switch up games.

Black Ops 4 has received positive reviews upon launch and has topped the Twitch viewership charts, thanks to a number of top streamers, such as Shroud, xQc and Ninja, diving into Blackout.