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Shroud: Black Ops Cold War is “way more meaningful” than other CoD games

Published: 20/Aug/2020 11:28 Updated: 20/Aug/2020 11:50

by Daniel Cleary


Streaming star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why he’s excited for the upcoming Call of Duty title following the release of Black Ops Cold War’s teaser trailer.

Call of Duty has shared a series of short teasers, inside of Warzone, for their next title, which concluded, on August 19, with a brief teaser trailer being released to fans of the franchise.

The new trailer confirmed that the next title in the Black Ops series will be set in the Cold War era and they also announced that a Worldwide reveal would be coming on August 26.

black ops cold war teaser
Black Ops Cold War teasers have been appearing in Warzone.

Shroud impressed by Black Ops Cold War

Popular content creator shroud reacted to this new trailer during one of his recent streams and explained why he actually “liked the direction” of the new Call of Duty compared to past titles.


“I like the direction that Call of Duty is going, you kinda had it in Modern Warfare,” he explained, comparing it to the latest CoD release. “I mean I guess they’ve always kinda gone in this direction of feeling really real.”

He highlighted that, although Call of Duty has always tried to be realistic, Black Ops Cold War could be one of the most accurate titles yet. “I feel like they’ve always tried to go in that direction but they’re really leaning into it now.”

The Twitch star added that they were also using plenty of “real footage” from the Cold War during the teaser and said it was a good sign.


“That’s crazy, so they’re using real footage, real history and they’re trying to make this new Black Ops game, that’s cool,” shroud admitted, “I like that, that’s way more meaningful than just making another Call of Duty.”

Although the first trailer has finally been released, there is still plenty that is unknown about the upcoming Black Ops title.

It is still unclear what Treyarch and Raven have in-store for the fans gameplay-wise, but more information will be shared in the Worldwide reveal on August 26.