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Scump, Dashy, Simp and more – The top 10 rated players from CWL London

Published: 9/May/2019 12:04 Updated: 9/May/2019 17:25

by Marcus Banks


100 Thieves were crowned champions at CWL London, lifting their first major trophy as an organization, but who were the top performing players at the event?

After a thrilling victory against Optic Gaming, 100 Thieves were matched against eUnited in the grand finals who didn’t drop a single map during their losers bracket run.

Nevertheless, 100T continued their excellent form, winning two Hardpoints and Control to hand Nadeshot his victory as an organization owner which almost made him pass out.

twitter: 100Thieves100 Thieves won their first major tournament as an organization.
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100 Thieves’ Sam ‘Octane’ Larew scooped the MVP award, but how does he compare to the top performing players in London? CoDStats uses a variety of factors, such as K/D ratio and score per minute, to determine an overall rating for players.


Here are the top ten rated players from the event.

10. Scump

Team: OpTic Gaming
Rating: 1.08

OpTic Gaming placed third at the event after losing to 100Thieves in the winners final, despite defeating them in their pool play encounter, and then dropping to eUnited in the losers final. Fan favorite, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner ended with a respectable rating of 1.08 but will be disappointed with his team’s performance against 100T which ultimately cost them a chance at the trophy.

9. Brack

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Team: Denial
Rating: 1.09

Denial Esports could only manage a third-place finish in pool play after being drawn into a tough group alongside Gen.G and Spylce. They were unable to perform in the losers bracket, falling to Midnight in the first round. Despite their poor showing, Carson ‘Brack’ Newberry was able to place in the top ten players for rating highlighting his fantastic performances. 


8. Temp


Team: Splyce
Rating: 1.10

Spylce will also be disappointed in their performance at CWL London after being eliminated by Team Envy following their drop into the losers bracket. Despite the result, Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda proved that he is still one of the most consistent Black Ops 4 with a rating of 1.10 that is good enough to earn him a top-eight ranking as an individual.

7. Lacefield

Team: Midnight
Rating: 1.17

Midnight Esports Andres ‘Lacefield’ Lacefield will hope his team can bounce back from a poor display in England – they fell into losers bracket and lost to eUnited in the second round. Nevertheless, his excellent individual performance will give him confidence heading into CWL Anaheim.


6. Dashy

Team: OpTic Gaming
Rating: 1.17

OpTic Gaming’s Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell was their best performing player in terms of K/D, ending the event with a rating of 1.17. Nevertheless, just like Scump, he will be disappointed with the manner of their defeat, especially after winning the first major event of the year in Las Vegas

5. Skyz


Team: Elevate
Rating: 1.23

Another team looking to swiftly move on after CWL London is Elevate who were dumped into the losers bracket before suffering a first-round elimination at the hands of Luminosity Gaming. However, Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno managed to finish the tournament with a rating of 1.23, made all the more impressive given their early exit.


4. Decemate


Team: Team Envy
Rating: 1.25

Team Envy made the worst possible start to CWL London after being drawn into a group of death in pool play which resulted in them entering the losers bracket. However, a strong performance from Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato almost helped them into the finals but they ultimately came up short against eUnited.

3. Arcitys


Team: eUnited
Rating: 1.29

eUnited almost completed the unlikeliest of comebacks at CWL London after being placed in losers bracket in the second round following defeat against 100 Thieves. Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson was on fire, helping his team secure wins against Heretics, Envy and Optic before falling at the final hurdle in the 100T grand finals rematch.


2. Octane


Team: 100 Thieves
Rating: 1.29

Nadeshot will be overjoyed with the performance of his team in England, none more so than Sam ‘Octane’ Larew who was rightly awarded the MVP award with a rating of 1.29. The decision to sign the 21-year-old from rivals Optic Gaming has already proven to be a wise one. 

1. Simp


Team: eUnited

Rating: 1.41

While he might have missed out on a trophy, eUnited’s Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr blew fans away with his magnificent performance at the tournament – his first ever as professional. Simp topped the list with a rating of 1.41 and held the highest K/D ratio of all players.