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SBMM Warzone site down? CoD stat tracker stops working after database issue

Published: 14/Feb/2021 13:03

by Calum Patterson


The popular SBMM Warzone website, which helps players understand the level of their lobbies and identify potential cheaters, has experienced a widespread crash due to a database issue.

Due to a number of factors, namely skill-based matchmaking and the prevalence of cheaters in Warzone, third-party stat tracking applications have become very popular.

These websites and applications allow you to get up to date information on not only your own stats, but the stats of players in your lobby.

This means you can quickly identify if there’s a potential cheater (a high headshot percentage or unrealistic K/D ratio are usually dead giveaways), or just see the difficulty of your opponents.


Warzone SBMM bracket
SBMM Warzone
If you’re consistently ranking in Diamond and Gold, you’re doing pretty well.

SBMM Warzone not working?

As such, it’s no surprise that these applications became very popular. The most common, SBMM Warzone, has experienced a widespread outage on February 14 though, leaving players in the dark.

The website has responded to complaints from players on social media, citing a database issue that they’re working to resolve.

There were some concerns that the issue was a deliberate move on Call of Duty’s part. In late 2020, Activision made the unpopular decision to set all player’s stats to ‘private’ by default.

This meant that in order for stats to be tracked by these third-party sites, each player would have to individually enable access to their stats.


The majority have players have done so though, and so these stat trackers still remain largely useful, even if somewhat incomplete.

The website’s developers are working on the database issue, and hopefully it won’t be long until it’s back up and running, fully-functional.

For more details about how to use these SBMM trackers in Warzone, check out our full guide here.