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Pay-to-win Warzone skin literally makes players invisible

Published: 29/Jan/2021 15:07

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty Warzone players have discovered a “pay to win” skin that lets them go invisible at certain ranges – and it’s incredibly annoying for enemies.

Ever since Warzone launched back in March, players have complained about a laundry list of issues with regards to new weapons, skins, and other add-ons. 

We’ve seen weapons from the battle pass deal more ridiculously more damage than their base self, players have complained about the all-black Roze skin being too difficult to see in certain situations, and there have been watches that shine through solid walls to give away locations.

Raven Software has gotten around to addressing a few of these issues, but whenever they get rid of one, a few more take their place. That’s the case with the Forest Spirit skin for Grinch, which can be found in the 1800 CoD Points bundle called Eloko. 


Infinity Ward
Warzone players have reported issues with different skins.

A few players have reported issues with seeing invisible ‘cheaters’ in their games – where their body is invisible, but their weapons can be seen flapping around.

It all seems to stem from this Forest Spirit skin. As YouTuber Scop3s shows, the body of the player using the skin disappears at different ranges depending on how you’re looking at them.

If you’re not aiming down sight, you’ll lose sight of the player – be it your teammate or opponent – at around 34 meters. After that, if you’re aiming in with a normal scope, you’ll lose sight at 55 meters, while sniper scopes will see the players invisible from around 125 meters away. 


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As the YouTuber further demonstrates, even though the weapon you’re carrying is still somewhat visible, it’s incredibly hard for enemies to see over 125 meters away – especially if they’re panicking with the gas closing in. 

Given that it seems to be a buggy character model, rather than anything else, it shouldn’t be incredibly hard for the devs to turn around and fix. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if they do anything soon.