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OpTic Chicago reveal their stacked World Series of Warzone tournament team

Published: 4/Jun/2021 23:54

by Theo Salaun


OpTic Gaming fans will be delighted to find out just which three Green Wall legends are representing OpTic Chicago during Call of Duty’s $1.2 million World Series of Warzone tournament series.

The biggest Warzone tournament series ever, the World Series of Warzone, is set to feature $1.2 million in prizing and players invited from CDL teams and the professional Warzone circuit, alongside some through open qualifiers.

With the first $300,000 tournament on June 23, OpTic Chicago revealed their team plans for the inaugural trios tournament. And it’s three iconic players, two current players and one retired legend: Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper, and Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow.


During an episode of the OpTic Podcast, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez revealed the stacked trio and asked his active players about getting back into Verdansk. From concern to excitement, Scump and FormaL broke down their Warzone expectations.

(For mobile users, segment begins at 11:24.)

Speaking about OpTic’s squad for the WSOW’s first event, H3CZ confirms that it’s going to be Scump and FormaL alongside the retired Karma. Both current pros are excited about that unit, with Scump saying he’s “super hype” and FormaL noting that “Damon’s about to be nasty.”

But Scump does have one concern that he hopes will be solved by Activision: “The only thing that I hope happens is that they unlock all of the reticles, everything, for pro players.”


Mentioning reticles like the “T-Pose” for the AMAX, Scump wants the devs to unlock everything for pro players who haven’t had time to grind. But if Activision and Raven Software aren’t willing, H3CZ offers an alternative: hiring community members to level up his players’ accounts.

karma optic gaming
One of CoD and OpTic’s GOATs, Karma has been grinding Warzone recently.

All in all, the OpTic boys seem ready to hit Verdansk and are excited that Karma’s been able to work on his Warzone skills to lead them. As for how they intend to play, Scump and FormaL are not shy — they’re going to be cautious.

While Scump said he’ll “be playing like a rat,” FormaL challenged their opponents: “I’m hiding. Come find me.”