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OpTic Chicago CDL 2021 preview: Reclaiming the throne in 2021

Published: 11/Feb/2021 17:24 Updated: 11/Feb/2021 17:35

by Brad Norton


Heroics in and out of the game led the Green Wall back to its rightful home in 2021. With their ideal lineup now locked in, all eyes are on OpTic Chicago to rise to the top during the second Call of Duty League season.

OpTic is now back where it belongs. After a year as the Chicago Huntsmen, a rebrand is in full effect as OpTic Chicago enters the league for the first time. While OpTic Gaming Los Angeles existed in 2020, and we saw T2P reunite under the Huntsmen, this is the real homecoming Call of Duty fans have been waiting for.

OpTic’s popularity is unlike anything else in the scene, arguably eclipsing most fandoms in the greater esports industry. The passion at the peak of the OpTic dynasty cemented the brand as a powerhouse never to be taken lightly. Now, it’s back in full force.

With T2P leading the way for two of the brightest young talents in competitive CoD, it’s a recipe for success in the league’s second season.

OpTic Chicago CDL 2021 roster

Player Previous Team
Seth ‘Scump’ Abner Chicago Huntsmen
Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper Chicago Huntsmen
Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon Chicago Huntsmen
Troy ‘Sender’ Michaels (Coach) Chicago Huntsmen

Gunning for the top spot

Envoy on stage
Call of Duty League
Championships are well within reach for the new Chicago squad.

In 2021, positioning themselves atop the standings is all-important for OpTic. Despite some high points throughout the year, 2020 didn’t go according to plan for the Huntsmen. Scump, Formal, and Envoy now have every chance to push past those limitations and exceed throughout an entire calendar year.

Doubters may point towards the T2P duo as being past their prime. Scump and FormaL are closing in on two decades of combined experience after all. Yet the pair consistently shut down this line of thinking, often outstaying their younger competition when the lights are brightest.

They both still have that drive to win and have proven they’re willing to put in the work when surrounded by the right teammates. With Envoy and Dashy backing them up, they have perhaps the most ideal blend of skill across any CDL team.

Scump can still outgun just about anyone in crucial moments. FormaL is there as that veteran voice, treating the game in a far more serious manner than most of his rivals. Envoy is capable of calling the shots, setting up plays, and strategizing for a win. While Dashy is capable of turning any game on its head with a montage-worthy highlight.

When every piece of the puzzle clicks just right, there could be no stopping this iteration OpTic.

Dashy proving his superstar status

Dashy on stage
Dashy has the perfect chance to rebound in 2021.

One of the biggest focal points heading into the year is the reemergence of Dashy. After blowing the roof off of competitive CoD throughout Black Ops 4, he was soon stuck at OpTic Gaming LA.

While the team wasn’t bad on paper, endless struggles kept Dashy from maintaining his spark. Much of the year was spent on the bench but now, he’s finally back where he wanted to be all along.

H3CZ made sure to sign him to the Green Wall the moment the 2020 season came to an end. With that, Dashy now has a golden opportunity to recapture his previous MVP form. 

From his ideal teammates to a perfect setup in the HECZQUARTERS, there are no excuses for a mediocre year this time around.

Already off to a hot start

Formal on stage
Call of Duty League
OpTic has already been looking in great form ahead of the 2021 season.

One thing that separates OpTic from most other teams this year is public accountability. While most teams stream their practice at the beginning of the year, almost all drop off in the following weeks. Hiding strategies and internal scuffles is always a priority in the CoD scene.

For this lineup, however, they’ve been streaming their scrims right up to the beginning of the CDL season. We’ve seen them practicing against just about every team and doing well all the while. 

They absolutely dominate certain teams while other squads keep things close. The Chicago roster has even been getting looks in against WestR, the hottest amateur team from NA Challengers. 

Getting these reps and broadcasting their results for the world to see is a huge show of confidence. Results have been impressive all around and while scrims aren’t everything, it’s already translated into some early success.

Their opening matchup in the Kickoff Classic was a 3-0 sweep over the Los Angeles Thieves. OpTic cruised through the Hardpoint, took over the S&D, and asserted their dominance on Control thanks to some filthy spawn camping from Envoy.

Without much hassle facing the team early on, it’s clear they’re putting in the work to be a step ahead of the curve. Whether this success can be maintained throughout the year, we’ll just have to wait and see.

All four players are aligned in settling for nothing but a championship in 2021. They’re in the prime position to do just that as the Green Wall backs them up for the first time since 2019.