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OpTic Crimsix has laid out his Black Ops 4 content plan

Published: 3/Oct/2018 15:56 Updated: 3/Oct/2018 16:11

by Matt Porter


OpTic Gaming Call of Duty star Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed that he intends to improve the consistency of his content creation during the Black Ops 4 season.

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Crimsix recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel breaking down the OpTic Gaming competitive roster for the new season, and also discussed plans for his own YouTube and Twitch channels for the upcoming year.

“For myself, I want to be uploading every single day,” stated the two-time World Champion. “I want to be streaming every day. I’ll probably take a day off, so probably six days a week. That’s pretty fair.”


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Porter said that he may look into hiring someone to run the content on his YouTube channel, as he thinks that will help him create consistent content while he focuses on competition. 

The long-time OpTic member also believes that the quality of this year’s game will help him remain motivated to upload and streaming.

“I’m slightly concerned that Blackout will be better than the actual game, but that will be good for content. In the end, I want a fun game, and we had a bunch of fun playing the Blackout beta,” continued Crimsix.

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Crimsix was inconsistent with uploading content throughout the World War II season. There was a sharp decline in the regularity of his content once OpTic began to struggle in the Call of Duty: World League, and Porter has said in the past that he just generally did not enjoy the last Call of Duty title.

Porter’s OpTic Gaming teammate Karma has already hired someone to focus on his YouTube channel, while Scump has confirmed his intention to begin uploading daily content to YouTube once the Black Ops 4 season starts. 

With Black Ops 4 releasing on Friday, October 12, fans of the OpTic player will be excited to hear of his return to content creation.