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Numerous Upsets as the 5th CWL Pro League Challenge Reaches the Semi-Finals – Final Placements (Updating)

Published: 21/May/2018 15:15 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:56

by DG Goldstein


The 5th CWL Pro Leauge Challenge has reached the Semi-Finals after a collection of top teams suffered early upsets to knock them out of the tournament.

First introduced for the 2018 season, the Pro League Challenge takes place every two weeks and allows the top eight teams from the North American CWL 2K tournament to take on the eight current squads at the CWL Pro League.

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Although there is a $2,000 prize pool on the line for the Pro League Challenge, teams mainly play for pride and the chance to match up against some of the best rosters and lineups across competitive Call of Duty.


For the 5th CWL Pro League Challenge, the competition began on Sunday, May 21st, however, teams only played up until the Quarter-Finals, with the Semi and Grand Finals set to take place on Monday, May 22nd.

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Teams such as Echo Fox, FaZe Clan, Team Kaliber, Splyce, and Evil Geniuses were all knocked out in the first round of the single-elimination bracket, which leaves Team Envy, Red Reserve, Enigma6, and WaR as the four remaining squads.

A full list of the remaining matchups can be found below, along with the final placements for the 5th CWL Pro League Challenge.


Semi-Final and Grand-Final matchups.

Round Team 1 vs Team 2
Semi-Finals Red Reserve vs Team Envy
Semi-Finals Enigma6 vs WaR
Finals RR/ Envy vs E6/ WaR

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  • Red Reserve: Rated, Joee, Skrapz, Zer0
  • Team Envy: Classic, Huke, Chino, Decemate
  • Enigma6: General, Sender, Diabolic, aBeZy
  • WaR: RobbieB, Envoy, Atura, Cells

CWL Pro League Challenge Final Placements *Updating*

Place Team Roster Prize
1 $1,500
2 $500
5/8 Ghost Gaming Pandur, Parasite, Lacefield, GodRx
5/8 Team Legal Lega, TwiZz, Supreme, TcM
5/8 Yurr DraMa, Hitman, Johnny, Apox
5/8 Warlords Demise, Phantomz, Tisch, GRVTY
9/16 Mazer Frosty, Storied, TTiny, Zapitus
9/16 Epsilon Dqvee, Vortex, Hawqeh, Reedy
9/16 Evil Geniuses ACHES, SiLLY, Apathy, Assault
9/16 Team 13 Beehzy, Hate, Stamino, Remehdy
9/16 Echo Fox Saints, Temp, Faccento, AquA
9/16 Splyce Bance, Jurd, MadCat, Joshh
9/16 FaZe ZooMaa, Attach, Replays, Priestahh
9/16 Team Kaliber Accuracy, Kenny, Fero, Enable