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NICKMERCS predicts best Warzone loadout for Season 4 – but with a catch

Published: 15/Jun/2021 10:33

by Connor Bennett


With the Warzone Season 4 update being imminent, streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has made his pick for the loadout that will dominate next season, if nothing drastic changes.

With the trailer and roadmap for Warzone Season 4 finally being revealed, fans of Call of Duty’s battle royale title have got plenty of reasons to be excited about the next update.

A few weapons, a new bike, a Hijacked-themed gulag, and a new Satelite POI are headed to Verdansk, alongside the mysterious Red Doors that have been teased for a few weeks.

The update will also bring weapon changes that shake up the meta. Even though Raven hasn’t given much away in terms of weapon balancing, NICKMERCS has made an early call on what should dominate as the next best loadout.


New Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season 4
Warzone Season 4 brings new weapons and POIs to the popular battle royale.

Speaking during his June 14 video, the FaZe Clan star said that if not too many major changes aren’t made to weapons, the AMAX and MAC-10 will be the dominant loadout in Season 4.

“I got to be honest man, people have been using the AMAX and MAC-10 for a long, long time, it’s been a thing in the game for a while, but this is what I think is going to be the best guns, the tournament guns, what everybody’s using in this new season, if we see no changes to these guns,” Nick said.

The Warzone star noted that the AMAX has been nerfed a few times now, so that might avoid changes this time around. As for the MAC-10, well, that hasn’t been changed for a while so it could be a prime candidate for a tweak.


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While the weapons are, currently, two of the best in the battle royale, the dominant loadout has been an AMAX and Kar98 according to WZRanked stats.

As Nick says, it all depends on what changes Raven make to the weapons, and they’ve been holding the cards close to their chest, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s proven right or not.