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New Zombies boss spotted in Black Ops 4’s Blackout

Published: 16/Sep/2018 19:03 Updated: 16/Sep/2018 19:34

by Vincent Genova


The boss from Black Ops 4’s new Zombie map “IX” has been spotted roaming the cemetery area in Blackout.

The cemetery is located near Asylum, a location where zombies spawn consistently.

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In patch notes released on September 16, Treyarch confirmed the new Zombies boss is available for players to hunt down.

A new horror seeks to destroy all who approach its domain. The Blightfather has been temporarily transported from the upcoming Zombies experience, IX, to the proving grounds of Blackout. Great rewards await those ready to challenge themselves…”

The patch notes are the final update to the Blackout beta, so players wanting to fight the Blightfather will have to do so on September 16 or early on September 17.

You can find out when the Blackout beta will end in your region by using Dexerto’s international time guide.


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The Blightfather is capable of taking massive damage, which YouTuber Chaosxsilencer demonstrated by emptying dozens of rounds into the boss to no effect.

Treyarch is calling the boss being available on the map an “event,” which may hint at the evolving nature of the Blackout once the game launches.

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“IX” is a Zombies experience in Black Ops 4 that features a new storyline and characters that are separate from previous Black Ops titles.

The new characters are available as unlockable skins in Blackout mode and now it appears their enemies will occasionally be showing up in the battle royale as well.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches on October 12 and the “IX” Zombies map will be available on day one.