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New Warzone Stim glitch brings Night Vision Goggles to Verdansk

Published: 30/Jan/2021 1:13

by Tanner Pierce


The infinite Stim exploit has, apparently, once again made a return to Call of Duty: Warzone if a new Reddit video is to be believed — and it seems to have brought with it a strange addition: Night Vision Goggles from the Modern Warfare campaign.

If you’re hoping that the Infinite Stim Shot glitch that’s been plaguing Warzone for a while now was gone for good, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

According to a new video posted to Reddit, the now-infamous Stim glitch has once again reared its ugly head in the popular battle royale.

The exploit was previously discovered and patched multiple times over the past few months, but it just can’t seem to stay dead. Some have even figured out how to stack a near-endless amount of Stim Shots without needing to pull off any glitched mechanics.


Infinite Stim Shots have been plaguing Warzone for a while now and now they seem to be back.

The video in question shows a player running through the gas in Verdansk, using the Stim multiple times in order to keep themself alive, screwing over players with competitive integrity in the process. This is the same exploit that others have taken advantage of for months on months.

What’s different, however, is that this video seems to show the player using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) as well — an item which, at least as of the time of this writing, isn’t a part of Warzone.

These do, however, make an appearance in the main story campaign of Modern Warfare (2019), most notably in the missions Clean House and The Wolf’s Den, as well as the game’s standard multiplayer in Night Mode, which transformed standard multiplayer maps into nighttime versions.


Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker… from r/CODWarzone

As for why they show up in this glitch video, no one really knows. Could this new infinite Stim exploit allow you to use NVG in Warzone? Possibly. The fact that no one in the post’s comments section can seem to figure out how the player activates them is leading some to believe that it’s somehow part of the glitch. Interestingly, the player in question is hacking with aimbot at the very least so it’s possible that they have also used a cheat to enable a PC’s “N” key (used for NVG in the campaign) to give night vision in Warzone as well.


Whatever reason, it seems like the infinite Stim glitch is back in some way, shape or form, which is sure to anger fans who just want to see it gone. Hopefully this issue is, once again, addressed soon, and for good this time.