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New Warzone Season 2 teaser adds lightning storms over Verdansk

Published: 13/Feb/2021 20:06 Updated: 13/Feb/2021 21:01

by Julian Young


In another apparent teaser for Season 2 of Warzone, players spotted a lightning storm looming over Verdansk and shared footage of the strange phenomenon that is overtaking the map.

With Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1 winding down, players have already set their sights on what Activision and Raven have planned for Season 2. Season 1’s battle pass is scheduled to end on February 24, and players are assuming the game’s next season will kick off shortly after.

In the lead-up to Black Ops Cold War’s release in November 2020, Activision started rolling out teasers for the new game inside Warzone. Similarly, on February 11, players noticed a strange new machine in Verdansk’s hospital, which appeared to be the first in-game teaser for Season 2.


Now, it seems that players in Warzone have spotted another potential teaser for next season. In a clip shared to Reddit, one player showed off footage of a lightning storm looming in the air above the original Warzone map.

Call of Duty Warzone Zombies Season 2 Teaser
Twitter / ProRebornYT
On February 11, the first in-game teaser for the next season of Warzone appeared in the hospital.

The short clip shared by ‘u/SavageSesh’ shows the player looking out across Verdansk, then seeing three lightning bolt shoot down from clouds hanging over the map. “Has anyone else noticed the lightning on Warzone? Anyone know what it means?” they asked.

Other players speculated in the comments that the lightning strikes were another part of the Season 2 teaser lineup, with one user spelling out the connection between the two: “If I recall, there’s supposed to be some kind of Season 2 event [in-game teaser].”


Some players thought the lightning could simply be a visual glitch. “Probably another bug,” one user replied. Others joked that the spectacle was related to the game’s hacking issues. “Storms of glitches and hackers,” read one reply, with another saying “Season 2 of bugs and glitches incoming.”

Has anyone else noticed the lightning on Warzone? Anyone know what it means? from CODWarzone

Some users wanted to know where they could find the teaser, and one asked “Where on the map is this? Looks cool.” A second player responded “It’s outside the fire station at the top of the dam, looking towards the airport,” so it looks like you should head that way if you want to check this out for yourself.


Leading up to the Black Ops Cold War/Warzone live event, the official Call of Duty Twitter account announced a specific date and time for players to be present in-game, so it’s likely another announcement will occur before any major teasers are revealed.

It has yet to been seen whether or not the lightning is a teaser, glitch, or some other random occurrence. Players should keep their eyes peeled for the lightning storm when they jump into Verdansk, and we will keep you updated on any new Season 2 teasers or live events.