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New Warzone map: Ural Mountains rumors and release date leaks

Published: 20/Mar/2021 16:35 Updated: 20/Mar/2021 16:36

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty: Warzone’s first year being an unmitigated success, many fans are curious about when a new map is coming. Here’s everything we know so far about a new battle royale map, potential release date, and how it will interact with Black Ops Cold War.

When Rebirth Island was released in Warzone, it’s probably fair to say that some players were slightly disappointed. The map, which is based on the ‘Rebirth’ mission from the original Black Ops, was never intended to be a major new battle royale map, but it still left some players feeling slightly under-changed.


A big map, the size of Verdansk (or slightly larger if recent rumors are to be believed), is expected to come soon, despite Rebirth Island only launching with Season One in mid-December.

The Rebirth Island map provides players with a chaotic and fast-paced gameplay experience.

Ural Mountains Warzone Map

The most prominent rumor surrounding a future Warzone map is that it will take major influence from Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps.

The current maps in Treyarch’s new mode are Alpine, Ruka and Sanatorium, all set in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Ruka has the code name ‘wz_forest’ in the game’s files, while Alpine’s is ‘wz_ski_slopes’. Similarly, fans have noticed that Sanatorium is down as ‘wz_sanatorium’ in the game’s files.


As a 40-player game mode, the maps in FTDB are considerably bigger than a standard 6v6 map. Speculation suggests they would fit together as different POIs in a larger battle royale map. According to current speculation, Sanatorium would be in the south-west, Alpine the south-east and Ruka at the heart of it.

This new map would therefore be an easy transition. Fireteam already uses several of Warzone’s mechanics, like parachuting, down-but-not-out states, pings, armor and looting.

Ruka from Black ops Cold War
Ruka is set in the Ural Mountains, a real-life mountain range in modern Russia.

Given the links with Black Ops Cold War, we could well see even more of a crossover between the battle royale and the 2020 CoD installment. More weapons will make the switch as Treyarch add them, with scorestreaks and vehicles also possible.


Fireteam maps have vehicles like the T-72 Tanks, Dirt Bikes, Buggies, Snowmobiles and Helicopters, some of which are already available in Warzone. Rumors also state that, like Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale, there will be water traversable by boats.

Finally, there are suggestions that some historic CoD maps could feature as POIs. Summit and WMD, for example, are both set in the Ural Mountains. In fact, WMD is set on Mount Yamantau, a mountain specifically name-checked in a recent Rebirth Island easter-egg document. Some fans have taken this as a hint of WMD’s future return.

WMD Call of Duty map in Black Ops 4
WMD has already been remastered once – featuring in Black Ops 4.

Warzone new map release date & Zombie outbreak

Leaks suggested that zombies would be returning to Warzone, and that has now proved to be true. The undead are slowly spreading across Verdansk, leading to many rumors that the map will be nuked in order to end the outbreak.


This nuke appears set to completely destroy Verdansk, with many believing it will pave the way to the new Ural Mountains map. It is expected in April 2021, by which point the zombies are expected to have spread to all areas of Verdansk.

These remain leaks for now, but look increasingly likely given easter eggs. One such teaser has been identified in a hut by the TV Station POI. On the wall of the hut is a map of Verdansk which, for some players, has been exploding. Many fans have taken this as a hint of the upcoming nuke event, which will see Verdansk make way for a new environment.


All the above leaks fit with Activision’s advertising of Season 2 using the slogan ‘The End Begins’. The end of Verdansk, perhaps?

Whatever Activision and Raven have in store, it looks like we’re building to something massive.